Photo Gallery 2014  ... Bristol, Cambridge, Manchester and Uphall (Scotland)







Bristol - 20th May 2014

Pheadrus Systems - discussing safety critical software

LDRA - discussing code verification tools.


The QA Systems' Prize - a remote control Porsche


QNX and KDAB teamed up to present a half-day workshop on GUI / HMI Development


SafeNet discussing software licencing.


Wind River discussing their latest release of the VxWorks RTOS


TVS  - explaining how to achieve reliable software development


JTAG Technologies - hardware debugging tools


Telexsus - presented their Protocol Analyser technologies


UDL - explaining how to protect intellectual property


Hardware - manufactured by Barric




Eurotech - single board computer / hardware manufacturer


Delegates relaxing between presentations and workshops



Hitex - discussing ARM development


Tony Coomber (middle) - his last day in the industry, before retiring - have a good one Tony


Codarity - Consultants local to Bristol


Feabhas - Embedded Systems Training


Embedded Systems Vendor Exhibition









Cambridge - 22nd May 2014


The Cambridge event was busy with 95 engineers/developers attending at this venue


Lauterbach - presents "Advanced Debugging Workshop"


SDC Systems presentation explores the use of open source code in safety critical systems


Cove Industries - electronic enclosures


Pheadrus Systems - presenting during the MISRA C:2012 half-day workshop


Barric - Contract Manufacturer



Feabhas - training in embedded systems and software development


Intelligent Embedded Solution - demonstrating display technologies


Exhibition Hall


Wibu Systems - solutions for the licencing and protection of embedded software



Express Logic - discussing the ThreadX RTOS, for embedded systems.


Solid State Supplies - wireless communication modules for embedded systems.


Intelligent Group - display technologies



Hitex - development tools


QA Systems - explain their Cantata unit test tool for C/C++ in embedded systems.



UDL - available to advise on the protection of intellectual property


SafeTTy Systems - presented a half-day workshop on the development of certified systems



Smartboxx - plastic electronics enclosure specialists


Manchester / Cheadle - 3rd June 2014


Lauterbach - hardware assisted debug tools - our lead sponsor for the Conference


Telexus - demonstrating/presenting the latest protocol analyser technologies


Sally - Conference Organiser (Admin/Bookings)


LDRA - Code Verification Tools


Codarity - their presentation introduced Kptrace, an open source Linux kernel tracing infrastructure.


SDC Systems - discussing their Timesys embedded Linux and Klocwork software test tools.


Hitex - their presentation discussed internet security within microcontroller enabled devices


Eurotech hardware


QA Systems - Unit Test


SafeTTy Systems - a popular half-day workshop on the development of certified systems


Humberto - Wibu Systems



Pebble Bay (John) - explaining how best to Internet-enable an embedded system


Eurotech - hardware manufacturer


Industry Magazines


- Conference Manager


Telexsus presentation


Uphall (Scotland) - 5th June


Houstoun House, Uphall



Solid State Solutions - their presentation discussed the application of Android for embedded systems



Pheadrus Systems discussing the benefits of adopting a 'coding standard' such as MISRA C:2012


Feabhas - presenting the ARM Cortex M Programmers workshop


Abelon Systems - exploring hardware choices, make or buy ?


Eurotech - impressively demonstrating a submersible embedded system


Solid State Suppllies - impressive/powerful multi-chip module for Freescale iMX6


Wibu Systems - software licencing and protection



Lauterbach - Debug tools


Scotland IS - Karen and Leigh Ann


Embedded systems with feature rich GUI/HMI


Feabhas - Embedded systems training services


Morning coffee  break


Solid State Solutions - hardware/comms


Abelon Systems offer design and development services for embedded systems


Richard (left) presented a half day workshop on "Advanced Debugging"


Hitex explain embedded cryptography techniques and data protection protocols


Peter Bushell (Software Integrity) explores the theory and practices of realtime OS's


Barry Lock (Lauterbach) - our lead sponsor
Sally Blackburn (Energi Technical) - Event Organiser