Photo Gallery 2016






Telexus - JTAG/ Boundary Scan - Hardware Testing Workshop

Verifysoft - Software Test for Embedded Systems


Hardware Developers' Exhibition (H/WExpo)


Sally and Tessa - Conference Reception


Altia - explaining their GUI development solution


Telexsus - Demonstrating the Debugging of FPGA's


Dr Michael Pont discussing the advantages of a Time Triggered Architecture


Cambridge Consultants demonstrating their latest technologies


Peak Group - Hardware Test Equipment


Pickering Interfaces - signal switching and instrumentation for use in electronic test and simulation


Altia / IDS - GUI Development Workshop



QA Systems - explaining their certified testing tools


Workshop - Developing Certified Systems


Pico Technology - demonstrating PC based Oscilloscopes


HCD - Electronics Design / Contract Manufacturing



Hitex - ARM Board Solutions and Tools


Vector Software - dynamic automated test tools for embedded software applications.



Richard Copeman of Lauterbach - ARM Code Optimisation workshop - was run on both days, over 30 developers attended this workshop.


Tea Break !


Solid State Supplies - hardware platforms and connectivity products










Jactron - Memory for embedded systems


Intelligent Display Solutions (IDS) - demonstrating a wide range of display technologies


Peak Group - Cable Harness Design


Elesar - designs high speed electronics, and the software used to drive them, with a specialism in ARM based systems


Pickering - 6U Compact PCI Solutions


Pico Technology - presented about mixed signal instrumentation


Pheadrus Systems - presented at the MISRA-C workshop and made a presentation on code safety


Smartboxx - Custom Enclosure design


Peter Trott (left) wins the JTAG Competition and is congratulated by James Stanbridge of JTAG Technologies


Adrian Armor of IDS sharing his knowledge and experience of applying CapTouch technologies for real-world projects



More display technologies from IDS


Jactron - they presented on the use of SD/microSD in embedded designs using SPI mode and SD Mode – (the benefits and pitfalls)


JTAG Technologies - Hardware test, boundary scan



Undo Software - Linux Debug Tools


SDC Systems - Their presentation "An Integrated Dynamic and Static Analysis Approach" attracted a big audience.



Andrew Banks of Fraser Nash - leading the MISRA-C workshop - explaining how changes to the MISRA-C standard will now address security as well as safety.


Hitex - presented "Developments in the ARM Cortex-M Processor Family"



VerifySoft - presented "Code Coverage Approaches for Small Embedded Targets"



Lynx Software - presented "Securing the IoT Gateway: Software separation and the connected Car"



Altia - Presented on GUI design, and also ran a full-day hands-on workshop on GUI Development


Sally and Tessa managing registrations, literature and directions.


DDC2016 offered a choice of 8 expert technical workshops


More than 90 delegates registered a place on workshops - many from some of the UK's leading technology companies.


Robert from Elesar - Hardware design, ARM specialist


Karl from Peak Group - presented "10 Questions That You Should Ask Your PXI Test Solution Provider"



Mike Bartley from TVS - presented in both the hardware stream and software stream, on code safety and hardware security - both were very well received.


Adrian (Intelligent LED Solutions) - explaining recent advances in LED technologies.


Jill from PRQA (Programming Research) presenting during the MISRA-C Workshop


Cambridge Consultants - presented "Battle-Hardened Process – delivering software quality in more than 300 projects a year"



Linkwave - presented and ran a workshop - "Developing IoT applications on a Linux-based 3G/4G platform" - very well attended


Telexsus - presented on FPGA debug tools and ran JTAG workshop


Solid State Solutions had a busy Conference. They presented on IoT security and porting Windows applications to an Android platform


Barric - Contract Manufacturer.

Their stand got a lot of attention to due to a really impressive medical application which they manufacture (automated blood testing), also some impressive audio equipment.


Polarion presented "Working Agile but also in a Traditional Way! Building Bridges Without Loss of information" which was very well received.



Pickering Test Equipment


Chris Simmonds of 2Net - Chris ran a "Guide to Embedded Linux Workshop" which sold out.


GUI Development Workshop (Altia / IDS)


Dex from LDRA - LDRA contributed to the MISRA-C workshop and also presented "Pragmatic Safety and Security-Critical Development in an IoT World"


Hardware Test Equipment - Telexsus stand


2net - Experts in Embedded Linux Training and Embedded Linux Consultants


JTAG Workshop Presenter



Tea Break!


Smartboxx - Custome Enclosures




Richard Bethel of Solid State Solutions


Sally (Admin) and Tessa (Photo's)